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How to read the forecast?

Don’t look more than 2 days in advance, just don’t. The wind forecasts in Tarifa changes all the time.

On wind guru, use the 3 km or 9 km (most trusted) forecast.

How much wind do you need?  

From 7 knots you can start on the beach for your first lesson.

From 11 knots you can start learning the second lesson (or kiting with a foil).

From 16 -27 knots, good for kiting at any level.

At 28 – 40 knots it’s getting strong.. be sure you know what you are doing.

41-55 knots, we still kite in Tarifa because we are used to and equipped for very strong wind. Be sure to be advanced and go with people you know and who know the spot.

Above 55 knots, only a few loco locals and windsurfers, just go and watch!

** Knots to Km -> 1 knot = 1 sea mile = 1,852 km/h. To make it easy x 2 -5. So for example 30 knots is 55 km/hour

Thermal wind

When the air rises because it heats up faster on the land than on the sea we get thermal wind. Normally strongest at Valdevaqueros. So on sunny days there can be thermal onshore winds even without any prediction on the forecast.

Wind directions

North: Tramontana

North-East: Levante

We call it Levante but officially it’s called Gregal. Sometimes it comes more from the north. Down pressure in mediterranean and high pressure over the azores, can be gusty as it passes though mountains. Evens out with more days of the same direction.


Brings clouds from te inland, usually very strong, can bring swell from the mediterranean sea.

South-East: Sirocco

Rarely happens in Tarifa

South: Mediodia

Rarely happens in Tarifa

South-West: Poniente

Actually called Lebache. Stormy wind which brings rain.

West: Poniente 

North-West:  Poniente

It is actually Mistral but there is in Tarifa only 5 degrees difference because the west and south west, that is why we all call it Poniente. Blows the clouds to the mountains inland.


Check here the most common forecasts

View detailed surf forecast for El Balneario. Visit for more details, long range forecasts, surf reports, swell and weather maps.   

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