These are the most common spots. Not all names are ‘officially’ so but this is how they are called by the people here.

kite spots Tarifa guide map

With offshore wind the New Angels are with their boats at Los Lances and Valdevaqueros. You can buy a card at one of the kite shops (be aware of siesta closing times so go before 14.00hrs) or beach bars or schools at Los Lances or Valdevaqueros. Not having a rescue card aan need to be rescued? They leave your stuff behind in the sea or you pay 150 euro). Check They usually come when you pull your safety and you can also ask them to search for your board in case you loose it in Levante.


Valdevaqueros, just before the dune, 8 km from town in direction Cadiz, for kiting with Levante (you’ll end up at the dune if something happens) and best chance of thermal wind with onshore Poniente, generally +5 knots compared to Los Lances, but also Poniente can totally miss this corner, so check the cams before you go on Poniente days. In summer crowded with sunbathers and swimmers so be sure you have kite-control (or just enjoy your session at a less busy spot).

Check here the webcam of Spin out

Check here the webcam of Bibo Watersports

Arte Vida, one exit further (coming from town) than Los Lances. Good for surfing when the waves are to high or steep at Balneario. Good to wind surf and perfect to kite surf with Poniente and waves. Not allowed to surf or kite in summer.

Check here the webcam of Arte Vida

Los Lances, between Rio Jara and Dos Mares, good for kiting and windsurfing with Poniente and Levante when the§sre is a rescue boat.

Check here the webcam of Rio Jara

Balneario, Atlantic side of the Island in town, best for surfing. Kiting out of season with Poniente (but better go up to the football stadium) kiting with Levante only for (‘local’)’pro’s’. In summer no kiting is allowed from the city beach up to Rio Jara. Surfing at Balneario in summer is only permitted next to the island or before 11 when the lifeguards arrive.

Check here the webcam of Balneario

Town, Campo de Fútbol, Surla etc. are all places to specify where in town to kite. Only for poniente days and only between mid september and mid june. You can go from the house on foot or just drive up a but to Campo de Fútbol. Check the webcam here

No waves in Tarifa?

Check out El Palmar, usually you can find waves there! To check you can look at this webcam and this webcam. There are also spots around El Palmar like Caños de Meca; Yerbabuena and on both sides of the Trafalgar (lighthouse).

Too much wind in Tarifa?

Check out Caños de Meca (not for beginners, has rocks on both sides), usually 2-4 m2 less kite in size needed than in Tarifa. Has almost always waves.

Also you can check out Getares (sometimes gets some surf on levante days so bring also your surfboard) and if the wind just misses Getares drive on to Palmones. Be sure not to swallow the water there but can be a nice flat spot.