About the Love Boards house

” The best place for a worry free watersport holiday!”

Between the old town and the beach of Tarifa Spain (both 2 minutes walk) we have a house with private rooms for men and women who come to kite, surf, wing foil or windsurf (or would like to learn). It’s the only house in Tarifa which is only for watersports people.

The house is managed by a Dutch woman who kites and surfs. So you’ll not only have a nice place to stay, you’ll have a kite and surf guide! Also you’ll get to know the best places to start the day with a good breakfast , the most amazing lunch, dinners and go out! You don’t have to do any searching, all the information you need to experience Tarifa like a local is right there! Enjoying your holiday in the Love Boards house in Tarifa will mean you’ll have a home away from home, with an instant group of like minded people, in Tarifa.

You’ll have others to kite, windsurf, wingfoil and surf with while still enjoying as much privacy and alone time as you like. The atmosphere is relaxed and spontaneous. All can be arranged, lessons, rental and there are free surfboards and longboards in the house!

And there is a big kitchen where you can cook and join each other for a drink. Coffee and tea are included.

In summer and during the rest of the year when there are more people we organise dinners or drinks in town or a chiringuito. You are very welcome to join if you like. Many friendships started in this house!

“Create your best memories today”

An impression

Here you can see a compilation of a Dutch TV program that came to film us in Tarifa Check here directly at the BNN website