We have 2 extra girls and one boy who are part of the ‘team’, our Pura Raza EspaƱola horses! Not staying at the house (unfortunately) but at a stable at the kite beach. As the founder of Art Of Natural Dressage Bianca also teaches liberty dressage with these wonderful Andalucian horses. Some call it ‘Natural Horsemanship’ but it’s different, it’s training and interacting through positivity. Asking instead of demanding, reacting positive to ask for something instead of demanding in a negative way. Freedom of choice instead of putting pressure to force a reaction you want. No horse experience needed, because even if you don’t want to learn tricks to do at home, interacting with these horses can be an eye opener in how to handle people! Clinics are private and from 45 euro. Just tell what you like and it will be custom made! Liberty empowers!


The Dutch travel program BNN ‘3 Op Reis‘ came to film and join us riding in Tarifa: Watch the TV show here 
(picture by Gaston Stones)